ChatBots, the future of company-clients interaction

December 22, 2016 at 2:55 pm


Recent studies have underlined how the dynamics of the relationships between companies and clients has changed during the last year.  The diffusion of social networks, digital and mobile platforms has determined a change in the customers’ approach to the purchasing process and troubleshooting. The keyword is self- service: clients prefer to do research by their own before purchasing as well as  to solve problems related to a product or service by their own rather than contacting, respectively, a company’s sales team or customer care.

In order to address these changes, companies are adopting innovative technologies based on virtual and artificial reality to let clients interact as they prefer. In this context the concept of ChatBot sticks out as one of the most promising tool.  As a matter of fact Oracle, the American multinational computer technology corporation specialized in developing and marketing database software and technology, has recently published a research done on a sample of 800 CMOs, CSOs, Senior Marketers and Sales Executives of companies operating in France, Holland, South Africa and UK,  underlying 80% of them states they are working to offer ChatBots to their clients within 2020. But what a ChatBot is? Basically, it is an interface that simulates a conversation between a robot and a human being (client), used by companies to address clients’ FAQ live and in a more direct way.  

Instal team has recently attended different international events like “IAB Forum” & “The Mobile Factor” in Milan, App Promotion Summit 2016 in London and Berlin, etc. ,  During all these important events  of the international and Italian digital marketing and advertising landscapes, has been  emphasized how ChatBots represents the future of the digital marketing. “ During IAB Forum we have had the opportunity to take part to the presentation of Mikael Yang, founder of ManyChat “ – states Benedetta Rovelli, Sales Director Italy at Instal – “focused on a more general and adv oriented approach which has highlighted how bots’ open rate and CTRs are way more effective than the email marketing ones”. During the event, Yang has deepened the definition of Bots describing them as a business account within a messaging app and explaining messaging apps should be preferred when it comes to integrating a bot since they are the most downloaded and used applications. They are private, engaging, personalized and interactive; this determines an increase in terms of effectiveness of about 10% with respect to email marketing. “ Nowadays companies are struggling with unifying, organizing and analyzing the amount of data relating to their clients which makes difficult the understanding of their purchasing behavior and preferences. ChatBots represents a valuable tool to organize these data and use them to satisfy customers” adds Benedetta Rovelli.

The same trend comes out from the ChatBot – Get ready for the next digital revolution, the workshop held by Andrea Febbraio, co-founder of Teads, the company inventor of the native video advertising, and organized by Deloitte Italia. “ChatBots are not temporary but represents instead the future of the communication and interaction with clients. Just think that in six months, since Mark Zuckerberg has announced the integration of ChatBots in Facebook Messenger,  more than 35000 ChatBots have been realized for the platform itself. “ concludes Rovelli.

“ In Instal we realized the potential of this trend and we  started to  develop  chatbots on our own. However  we  noticed that users’ acquisition is one of the most critical elements relating to ChatBots. “There is no tracking tool on the market that is able to identify from which sources the users interacting with bots have been acquired.” – states Saverio Mucci, CTO at – ” Taking all these elements in consideration, we created the first chatbots’ tracking system, allowing chatbots’ owner to promote their tools through search or display campaigns and to track in a certified and reliable way which campaign has determined the acquisition of each specific user.   To optimize advertising investments and simplify budget planning we decided to base also this service on performance business model, meaning that publishers will pay only when users interact with the chatbot.” – concludes Mucci.

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