Instal’s Tracking Auto-Verification System: The new tool to automatically optimize the performances and don’t lose any click

May 18, 2016 at 11:07 am


After the integration with the Analytics System to measure post-install events and optimize campaign’s performances, has recently improved its proprietary technology with the Tracking Auto-Verification System. This system automatically check that all the tracking URLs on the platform works correctly and bring users to download the correct contents.

The malfunctioning of a tracking URL is one of the main issues in App Install business that has negative consequences for Publishers, Advertisers but also for final users.

Who suffer the main consequences are Publishers that not only lose clicks and revenues when installs are not tracked properly, but also risk to lose every user that after being redirected to wrong contents or even to blank pages can decide to uninstall their app or blacklist their site.

For Advertisers also verify all the tracking URL for each Geo, Operating System, Campaign, etc. is an expensive and complex process. automatically performs this check to prevent issues and to optimize performances for its partners.

How does it work?

Through a complex system that integrates VPN, IP verification systems, virtual machines and other advanced technologies is able to simulate a click coming from a “virtual” user that is “in target” with all the specifications of the single campaign in terms of Country, Operating System, Operating System Version, etc. and verifies that it is redirected to the correct content.

This check is performed automatically by the platform every 30 minutes, allowing a prompt corrective action if something does not works correctly and optimize the performances of each single click.

“One of our main goal, says Saverio Mucci Instal’s CTO, is to automate and to simplify the activities for our partners. With this news feature, continues Saverio, a publisher just has to integrate our APIs and then our platform will automatically performs all the activities in order to optimize revenues and performances. Not even a click will be wasted”.