Parmalat Chooses Mobile Advertising With

September 17, 2015 at 1:43 pm


Could it finally be time for brands to go mobile or app only? Parmalat is a multinational italian dairy and food company that is no stranger to brand sponsorships, tv advertising, and newspaper ads, but has now started switching budget to new medias in digital advertising. Recently launched “Siamo tutti un po’ chef” to the market that allows you to share recipes and cooking advice available for Android and iOS devices. Parmalat now has the key to directly engage and interact with its customers through their cell phones at any second of the day all over the world. “Siamo tutti un po chef” has had great success combining food, technology, and more importantly branding for the company.

International brands who were still doing traditional advertising are starting to see the benefits of mobile, or app advertising. Not only is it more cost effective but your brand is on their phone the one thing people today use most. Mobile devices account for more than half of the digital traffic which is why Parmalat has decided to take the plunge into the world of apps. Many brands or companies are seeing the benefits of app first or app only strategies and are beginning to reach more consumers directly.

Quote from the Instal COO Filippo Satolli “Mobile has become such an important tool for marketing that you almost can’t afford not to use it. Audiences are nearly inseparable from their smartphones and social media, the marketer now has a device that allows you to be apart of the consumers life 24/7. We are starting to see many brands come to us looking to monetize their newly launched app and loving the success, and partnership.”

Mobile ad spending is predicted to top 100 billion by 2016 and account for more than 50% of all digital ads including native advertising, video advertising, and many other new formats designed specifically for mobile according to the study recently done by eMarketer. Brands like Parmalat have seen the potential, and are taking advantage of the global branding that can be done for less money than traditional medias by using as a trusted mobile marketing platform.

Currently running over 500 campaigns worldwide, – the marketing platform for apps and games – decided to take on a new challenge with Siamo un po tutti chef app to bring growth results for the cooking app using our app marketing dashboard. With the huge competition there is nowadays in the app market, makes it easier for apps to be more successful thanks to its: easy and fast integration, automatic optimization tools and technology, dedicated account managers. All of this, and much more, makes it possible for anyone to access, create and manage a mobile campaign to start increasing revenues for your app, just like the brand Parmalat with Siamo tutti un po’ chef!

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