Get started with Instal Analytics: A new tool to improve intelligent marketing and App business

November 25, 2015 at 10:09 am

structure announces the launch of Analytics tool – a new feature dedicated to advertiser which measure post install performances.

The app industry is increasingly aware of the value of a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy, where user acquisition through CPI campaigns does not only include downloads of the app. Today, the focus of brand and app developers is switching from downloads to  user’s engagement.

Engaged customers are not simple customers that brings reviews on app stores, but they also need to be loyal and active in the App’s usage bringing revenues.

Reason why, Instal enhances its platform with a new tool, Analytics, that allows who wants to promote CPI offers to measure all the post-install events.

Through this tool, enables advertisers to monitor, in real time, the post-instal events they want to gather, such as “Add to cart” or “Purchase”. Thanks to a report on their personal profile, advertisers would be able to see trends of their campaigns, allowing campaign optimization in order to focus just on the best performing promotion’s channels.

With Analytics tool, Instal wants to support advertisers to achieve of KPIs, collect data and built a long term marketing strategy. Beside advertisers, this tool will help Instal to reward publishers with quality traffic and exclude those ones that do not bring value to Instal’s customers.

In this way, aims to create a “win win” situation helping on one hand advertisers to reach the ROI objectives, and on the other hand helping publisher with good quality traffic to increase their revenues.

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