App Monetization: Presents A New Mobile Native SDK

May 27, 2015 at 10:00 am


Instal, the marketing platform for Apps, is generating more than 1 million app downloads per month. Against all odds the big brand’s app downloads surpassed, in Q1 2015, the games downloads that led the CPI market to date.

The big brands are developing their strategies for mobile marketing, recognizing the value of having their brand visible every day on the phone of their consumers through the installation of their app. This is why companies such as McDonald’s or Johnson & Johnson prefer to invest their marketing budget in a channel with a defined fixed cost for installation (CPI – Cost per Install) that guarantees to have their app installed and running on their preferred target.

The technology developed by allows the perfect cross between quality mobile traffic and the budget of the investor. A technological system entirely designed and developed in Italy thanks to the investment and expertise of the team that has years of experience in the mobile advertising market.

NB-Post-Instal-SDK-native“Maximizing the performance of the app’s traffic, but maintaining a UX that is smooth and pleasant for the final user.  The release of the native SDK pursues this strategy: to be at the side of publishers to create a more welcoming environment for mobile marketing campaigns that optimize the results of all players: users, publishers, and advertisers”. Filippo Satolli COO of says as the release of the native SDK for both iOS and Android, which are in addition to all the other tools provided by monetization: the platform for mobile marketing dedicated to performance promotion of apps and games.

“In 2015 we are focusing a lot on Native Ads – explains Filippo Satolli, – to cover this mobile adv sector perfectly, in large growth. The purpose of Instal does not change, even when it comes to native advertising: we aim to make it extremely easy to manage mobile marketing campaigns of applications and games, both for developers and brands that manage directly their own app, and the agencies following the acquisition process for its clients. The SDK that we provide to our partners allows you to “go native” with simplicity, thanks to the pre-compiled versions from our developers. We offer templates that can cover every need: expandable ads, native ads, native alerts, in-stream native ads, interstitials, footer ads, video ads, etc. “.

2014 was an excellent year for the startup that was born and raised in Nanabianca: present in over 200 countries with more than 500 active campaigns, is a network of approximately 2,000 qualified publishers, a customer base that exceeds over 700 plus a history of about 3000 campaigns for a turnover that exceeded the threshold of one million euro.

Born in 2013 in the ecosystem of technology development accelerator startup, Florentine has always been marked by having an international team of professional mobile marketing. “It ‘s true, is a distinctive feature of the team – tells Satolli – Now we are 15, but we want to grow and reach at least 25 people by the end of the year, partly because one of the objectives is the opening of a new office in Berlin. We are always looking especially for developers, get in touch with us! “.

You can download a demo application that shows to advertisers, agencies and media centers, the different formats and the wealth of creative possibilities that the Instal SDK offers. There are over 20 different creative mobile formats that can engage the consumer on apps and mobile sites.

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