New Version Of Freapp For App Lovers!

May 13, 2015 at 1:53 pm


Sick of losing time searching for good apps? Try using our partners service Freapp!

Freapp, the discovery app that has revolutionized the way we download apps, has now launched a new version.  With over 7 million downloads Freapp is one of the most popular apps on the market for the discovery of new free apps from all over the world.

Freapp promotes only the best free apps on the market to satisfy our users and save them time of searching through the app stores. We save our users time by researching and testing and reviewing all apps before promoting them on Freapp. So we know we are providing a quality service.

The new version of Freapp has introduced new features to improve our customer experience. Freapp introduced the google login that allows our users more options to sign in and share. The new version has visual refactoring graphics that were studied for app discovery and to create a better user experience.


For app lovers in over 50 countries looking to create their own personal communities, and providing an environment that our users like sharing content. Freapp turns our users into real mobile publishers by sharing opinions, and the best apps of the moment with their friends. This feature has helped the app grow rapidly, and also offers a rewards program to earn coins and gift cards the more you share and the more you and your friends install the shared apps!

Freapp also hosts app promotions of well known brands, and game developers who want to increase their users with quality and large in app traffic. Thanks to its quality traffic and large number of users Freapp became top partners with the first mobile marketing platform for performance app marketing focused on mobile apps and games- to plan a campaign on Freapp register here – http: //

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