Things Your Company Needs To Know To Go Mobile Successfully

June 29, 2015 at 2:39 pm


Cell phones has made it easier than ever to reach your consumer at any moment. When was the last time you saw someone without a phone in their hand, or for those avid users glued to their hand? Mobile marketing has become the perfect tool to target the customers you want right at their fingertips.

Your customers have an access point on them, or in use, at all times! You just have to figure out the best ways to take advantage of the mobile movement. First thing you can do is log into your google analytics to see just how many customers you aren’t reaching by not strategizing the mobile area of your marketing plan and start your plan from there!

1. Be mobile friendly

Even though the device is smaller, your users are still looking for the same online experience that they would get on a desktop. The sites design should scale to fit the device while the content remains the same.

Choosing a dynamic website is important, one that provides your users with mobile specific content and a mobile friendly display is absolute. The main key to your design and mobile site being friendly is know what your visitors need most from your service, and providing it to them while they are on their mobile.

2. Improve your mobile search

A common usage on smartphones is searching online. The biggest player for online searches on desktop and mobile is Google. You want to make sure you are taking the right advantages of all the ways to work with them to get better searches.

One thing to know is Google has declared that responsive web design is their “recommended option” and sends mobile searchers to sites that use their recommended option of responsive web design, dynamic web design, and those that have a separate mobile site.

Also another tip to use Google as much as possible, mobile search result advertising is an excellent way to be found. If you are already using AdWords advertising you are already doing mobile advertising and not know it. With AdWords your ad spend is already incorporated into your mobile advertising. You can choose from different frequency options to minimize your mobile ads or use them exclusively. Be aware of your mobile stats and start prioritizing them. With a mobile friendly website your mobile search results advertising will have better ability to work.

3. Create an app – but plan for it first

Before deciding to jump right into creating a mobile app for your business you may want to go in with a full orchestrated plan first. When planning your app strategy you need to keep in mind the effectiveness. Will this app provide a way for your customers to do something many times, or better yet frequently? Mobile users will only download an app, open it, and keep it on their phone if they find it as something they will use regularly. Otherwise your new app will be deleted.

If the mobile app you have in mind will give them access to: an account to your business, entertain them in a way that markets your business, allows and is an app they want to share with friends, engages your users repeatedly then your app will have a better chance at being successful.

4. First thoughts of Mobile AdvertisingSDKpage_footer-ad

After you have created your app your next step is to start monetizing. You can decide to be a publisher or advertiser based on your needs or possibly both based on your budget. Placing ads on your app can gain you or your business money for its traffic. You may need an ad network, or mobile marketing platform to follow your different campaigns, and give you the best options and advice.

Hope these tips helped you, and will help your company in the future for your mobile advertising. If you have any questions on mobile campaigns, or advertising please feel free to email us and we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience!